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  • What is Eucharis?

    It means "thanks giving" in Greek. When broken up, it's Eu (good) + Charis (grace). That's Good, Undeserved, Unmerited Favour of God. That's why there's thanks giving, because of the undeserved unmerited favours in my life made possible by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. That's why life is supernatural.

    My name is Daniel, and I'm the beloved child of God. I'm also a gadget lover called to help people be empowered by technology. I produce and host the shows 65bits and Channel65 with my team at, a website I started for that purpose.

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My Gadgets

These are the gadgets that you will find with me everywhere I go, as long as the place allows me to. Yea, I know, I’m a gadget freak.  

My Tablet PC
HP TC1100Name: HP Compaq TC1100
Specs: Intel Centrino 1.2 ghz
           512mb DDR-RAM
           40gb Hard Drive
           Nvidia GeForce 4 MX440 32mb
           Wifi (802.11b) & Bluetooth
                                    Windows XP TabletPC 2005

This is my everyday PC. In school, it is my study companion. At my Students’ Council, it’s my personal assistant. At home, it’s my full-fledged desktop. On weekends, it’s my bible at church. My all-in-one companion. Love it. Got my keyboard damaged though, so now I use it without the keyboard attached until I get it fixed.

My PhoneSE K600i
Sony Ericsson k600i
Specs: 3G phone
           1.3 megapixel camera with light
           0.3 megapixel video call camera
           33mb of memory
           265k colours
                                    Bluetooth and Infrared

This is my second assistant. I use it as my camera when I go out with my friends, and I’m content with just 1.3 megapixels. The photo quality is awesome for a camera phone! And with float’s Mobile Agent, that’s when the real power of the phone is revealed! It’s my powerpoint remote during presentations, and integrates completely with my Tablet thanks to Bluetooth!!

My iPod
iPod 5GName:
Apple iPod 30gb White (5th Generation)
Songs inside: 2156
Videos inside: 118
Photos inside: 470
(13 Dec 2005)

My ultimate media companion! It’s everywhere I go, with my phone and my watch, and most of the time, my tablet. I listen to Podcasts every morning to work or to school, and Christian songs. I listen to church sermons on it too! As for videos, sometimes I watch video podcasts. When I’m really bored, I have access to all 4 seasons of Red vs Blue, StrangerHood and Panics! It replaced my DIY mediacenter thanks to the free Universal Dock I got!

My Watch
Casio DB-E30
Specs: Solar Powered watch
           World Clock
           30-space Phonebook
           5 alarms with dates
           5 Day-counters
           Countdown timer
           Motion sensor enabled backlight

What can I say? It tells time! Love this watch. A gift from my best friend, and the most perfect watch for me! Feature filled, cool looking. My favourite feature? The day counter. Tells me how many days I’ve been together with my girlfriend. 😀 She has a Casio watch too!


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