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140Novel, the novel being written on twitter

Posted by Daniel T. on January 31, 2008

This is an interesting idea. A novel written completely on Twitter. The 140 Novel is a novel being by 3 people writing a single sentence each time (That’s where the name 140 comes from, the character limit on twitter) in a single twitter account. The 3 guys are CNET’s Tom Merritt, Molly Wood and their producer Jason Howell, as well as Leo Laporte from It’s something they came up with when Leo was a guest at Tom and Molly’s Buzz Out Loud podcast epsiode 646.

It’s a pretty interesting idea. It reminded me of how when I was a kid I used to play this game called the 4 words game where we try to make a story by coming up with 4 words each. Except this time it’s 140 characters.

Do go check it out. It’s starting to become a science fiction. I think I’ll definetly be following the novel and see how it develops.

This entry was done on a Nokia E61. You have no idea how tiring it is to make hyperlinks off the top of you head…


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The iSkin Evo3

Posted by Daniel T. on December 14, 2005

iSkin Evo3

That is the top item on my wishlist now! *hint hint* Costs US$35 (About 50 to 60 SGD?), and is really awesome. It says it can even be used with the Universal Dock! I wonder if it means that I don’t use any adapter at all, or if I use the 5G adapter. Well, I’m going to claim that in His name! Amen!

Check it out here!

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An Apple boombox?

Posted by Daniel T. on December 14, 2005

This is an interesting article.

AppleInsider says that there’s a chance that Apple might go into more than just computers and audio players. Hmm. I mean, with all that talk about the new Mac Mini DVR, sounds feasible to me. For all we know, the new Mac Mini might be that boom box. Well, all I hope is that it will work in Singapore. Apple!! Don’t forget us Singaporeans! We want iTunes too!!

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Treo Linux?

Posted by Daniel T. on December 14, 2005

Some guy managed to get Linux to boot on his Treo 650. Seems like everyone’s trying to get Linux into all the coolest gadgets around. I’m┬ástill waiting for to release a version that will run on my iPod 5g! Used to do lots of cool stuff with my old iPod 3G. The idea is that with an open-source operating system running on these gadgets, the possibilities and functions on these devices become endless! Though personally I don’t know if they will ever get the Linux on the Treo to connect to the mobile phone network. Ah well.

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Konfabulator becomes Yahoo Widgets

Posted by Daniel T. on December 13, 2005

Konfabulator just got updated to version 3, and has been renamed the Yahoo Widgets Engine. Not much change on the surface other than added Yahoo-specific widgets. There are probably lots of internal enhancements though. Personally, I think Konfabulator sounds nicer, but that’s just me. Go update it if you haven’t!

Oh, and like any other Yahoo software, be careful when you install it, and make sure you take note and decide if you want to let Yahoo change your Internet settings to match Yahoo’s. Why can’t Google be the one who bought Konfabulator? ­čśŤ

Get the new Konfabulator here!

Apple Dashboard vs Yahoo Widgets vs Microsoft Gadgets. Who will win? We’ll find out in a year…

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Creative is getting desperate

Posted by Daniel T. on December 8, 2005

Saw this on the net just now. The Creative Zen Vision:M

Creative’s version of the iPod 5G. If you noticed, the interface and size is very close to Apple’s. I can safely say they copied the iPod┬áintentionally. I used to get real affected about it, and I could write a page long article about why Creative is a disgrace to Singapore, but I realised to consumers, they don’t care if Creative cares more about competitors than its customers. All they care is that their product works and is good. So here’s my view on the Creative Zen Vision:M vs the Apple iPod:

Why the Zen is better:

  • More video compatibility (No conversions required)
  • More functions (FM radio + voice recorder)
  • OLED screen (Better than LCD)

Why the iPod is better:

  • Better interface (An interface is about both looks and control, and as much as the zen has the same menu system, it’s buttons are still messy)
  • Longer audio battery life (14 hrs vs 11 hrs)
  • iTunes (As much as there’s no drag and drop, I like the way it helps me organise my music better)
  • Slim
  • Accessories

I own a video iPod and if I ever had to choose between both, I’ll still go for the iPod. That’s basically because I love iTunes, and as much as iPod is not as file-friendly compared Creative’s players, the internet and the IT world always tries it’s best to be iPod-friendly. Which is the advantage of the iPod being so famous and so loved. Who cares if it’s not that format friendly. The rest of the world adjusts to it automatically. To me, the iPod is like THE default way for digtial media, and the rest are just alternate ways to go.

That’s just me I guess. Personal preference. Like I said, Creative’s “desperateness” to beat Apple, it’s intentions and attitude in it’s business doesn’t matter anymore to a consumer. Don’t think it ever did in fact.

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