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    It means "thanks giving" in Greek. When broken up, it's Eu (good) + Charis (grace). That's Good, Undeserved, Unmerited Favour of God. That's why there's thanks giving, because of the undeserved unmerited favours in my life made possible by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. That's why life is supernatural.

    My name is Daniel, and I'm the beloved child of God. I'm also a gadget lover called to help people be empowered by technology. I produce and host the shows 65bits and Channel65 with my team at, a website I started for that purpose.

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Archive for the ‘Life’ Category is ready!

Posted by Daniel T. on November 6, 2008

So I finally decided to put my money down and set up my personal web page. I still love wordpress too much to switch to something else, so that’s what it’s gonna be powered by. I’ll certainly still be keeping this blog and this account so that I still have a wordpress account to comment on other blogs and stuff.

So see you there! At!


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Happy year of the mouse!

Posted by Daniel T. on February 7, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Here’s a postcard I made just for you guys! 🙂

Year of the mouse

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Others clean their room during the new years, I clean my bookmarks

Posted by Daniel T. on February 6, 2008

Daniel’s bookmarksSo how many bookmarks do you have? Well I have loads. Like hundreds. Since it’s the Chinese New Year, I thought I’d clean up my bookmarks. Yes, a totally geek moment for me…

I’m the kind of person that my dad calls “messy on the outside because you’re neat on the inside”. If you look through my hard drive, you’ll realise that every file is where it’s supposed to be, every folder means something. All my Tech65 files are in it’s own folder, with several layers of subfolders to further categorise the different files, it’s purposes and it’s type. My bookmarks are even more insane. You have to see it for yourself… That’s why I love iTunes…

I’ve spent so much time working on my bookmarks, sorting them out etc, that I use Google Browser Sync as a backup tool for my bookmark, and even sync them across my computers using firefox.

Take a look at my neat bookmarks!

Hi, my name’s Daniel, and I’m a geek…

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The Tech65 Sandbox has changed again

Posted by Daniel T. on January 30, 2008

Tech65 version 3bI took a day off today from work, so I decided to finally get down and redesign one more time. There were problems in the previous design in our sandbox (that’s what we call the place where we play with code without affecting the actual site) that could only be fixed by completely redesigning the site. Anyway, I felt the fonts were too big.

So back to the drawing boards it was. It wasn’t so difficult this time since I already had an existing theme in mind as well as the raw photoshop file to make changes easily. Also, to save me from all that mess that was going on in the code, I decided to do this from scratch (kind of. All my designs are based on the Kubrick theme’s code) rather than editing previous versions. It was surprisingly faster than the last time I did something like this. The coding part was a lot easier too, since I was doing this from scratch. I’m quite happy with what I’ve done.

As usual, you can check it out over at our sandbox. Your feedback is greatly appreciated! 🙂

Oh, and as a special treat, here’s a look at the history (just 1 year) of Tech65 design changing with the times.

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Looks like I’m about to get a new iPod…

Posted by Daniel T. on January 30, 2008

iPod Display Messed Up

Something weird started happening to my 2 year old 5th gen iPod’s display. It started with a small spot, and within a day became a whole bunch of lines. I watch a lot of video podcasts (hey, to make good shows, you gotta watch good shows too, you know) during my free time at work, so the lines became very obvious and very distracting. The funny thing is that they disappear after the back light goes off.

I guess that means I’ll be receiving a new iPod soon (I got this one for free, a miracle, like many of the gadgets I own…) 😛 I hope it’s a 16GB iPod Touch! 😀 Thanks Abba!

P.S.: That album playing on my iPod is “Restore” by Bob Fitts. He visited our church again last Sunday and I loved his music, so I bought it.

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So THAT’s why there aren’t enough Wiis out there… [PIC]

Posted by Daniel T. on December 25, 2007

GeekCulture - Wii Shortage
Merry Christmas and have a blessed year ahead! God Bless!

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My new thumbdrive from heaven, and 65bit’s new Jingle

Posted by Daniel T. on December 9, 2007

As most of you know, I had a very long Saturday last week. What with 65bit’s 50th episode, and another awesome Arrow service. It was a late night, I was tired, and I knocked out the moment I touched my bed. I woke up super early the next morning to pack my bag to book into camp, and as I was unpacking it, I found a small Postpac package to “Daniel Tsou, Beloved of the Father :)” and “from: Open Heaven”. I was surprised of course, but I was in a hurry too, so I thought of maybe opening it in camp. Good thing I didn’t, cos inside of it was a 4GB Sandisk Ducati thumbdrive!!
Ducati drive
Ducati drive and envelopeDucati drive and envelope2
There was no note in the package, no letter, and the geek me plugged it into my mac hoping to find some sort of note or something. Nope. Nothing at all. But boy did that thumb drive make my week. I called my caregroup, Hei Man, Farinelli and Jerrick, but no one knew who it was from! It turns out that my bro Edwin had won some competition, got it for free and decided to bless me with it. Man, am I blessed!! Thanks so much bro!! To be honest, the biggest thumb drive I have is only 128MB!! That’s right, the founder of Tech65 only has a 128MB thumb drive…

In other related news, Edwin has also written us a brand new Jingle for 65bits! It’s pretty cool sounding and finally something unique specially for us! We’ll probably only use it from Episode 52 onwards because NTT wants to do some levelling on it first (an audiophile is always an audiophile…) I’m not gonna spoil it for you, so just wait for it next week! Thanks again bro!!

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There’s condensation in my iMac

Posted by Daniel T. on December 9, 2007

Condensation in iMac display
I never thought it’d ever happen to me, but it has. I always thought there were finger print smudges or something on my display, but today I noticed the “smudge” was pretty big and long. Then when I put up a black background, I knew immediately what it was. There’s condensation of water vapour in between my 20 inch iMac’s LCD display and the outer glossy casing. I can still do my work fine, it’s just annoying to have a tiny blur on your display. My “call in” service is over, so I have to visit an apple care centre to address this. Hope I don’t have to personally lug my 20 inch iMac to the care centre to get it sorted out. Anyone know a way to fix this myself?

DK: keep this in mind when you buy your iMac. You might wanna check with the sales rep if the issue’s been sorted out.

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I crashed the Slashdot 10th Anniversary Party in Singapore

Posted by Daniel T. on October 28, 2007

Slashdot Party - The 4 from slash dot and the 1 who crashed it.

After recording episode 45 of 65bits yesterday, we heard about a slashdot party was going on later that day. Jerrick had to go, so NTT and I sticked around. At about 3 pm, the first of the slash dotters (I don’t know if that’s the right way to call them) arrived, and I realised it was really a geek gathering, so I decided I’ll join in, and crash the party! In the end, only 4 of them turned up, but I had fun chatting with them and telling them all about Geek Terminal, since it was their first time there. Emlyn Philips (3rd from left) even asked me if I was a share holder for GT since I kept saying good stuff about them!

They’re pretty cool people, really, and definitely more geek than me! Chen Yang (most right) even runs Ubuntu as her primary operating system on her notebook!

From left: Me (I look really tired for some reason. Army’s been busy this week), Gaurav Vaidya, Emlyn Phillips, Atamurad Hezretkuliyev, Chen Yang

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Amazing talents from Arrow Ministry

Posted by Daniel T. on September 10, 2007

The first guy with the electric guitar? That’s my bro Edwin. He’s an amazing musician, called to be a glory to Jesus with anointed music. That was from our last combined session of Arrow, the youth ministry of New Creation Church. Cool stuff eh? Farinelli was mixing this performance that day by the way.

That day’s service was awesome, and I believe it has set me free once more. Praise the Lord…

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