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The Tech65 Sandbox has changed again

Posted by Daniel T. on January 30, 2008

Tech65 version 3bI took a day off today from work, so I decided to finally get down and redesign one more time. There were problems in the previous design in our sandbox (that’s what we call the place where we play with code without affecting the actual site) that could only be fixed by completely redesigning the site. Anyway, I felt the fonts were too big.

So back to the drawing boards it was. It wasn’t so difficult this time since I already had an existing theme in mind as well as the raw photoshop file to make changes easily. Also, to save me from all that mess that was going on in the code, I decided to do this from scratch (kind of. All my designs are based on the Kubrick theme’s code) rather than editing previous versions. It was surprisingly faster than the last time I did something like this. The coding part was a lot easier too, since I was doing this from scratch. I’m quite happy with what I’ve done.

As usual, you can check it out over at our sandbox. Your feedback is greatly appreciated! 🙂

Oh, and as a special treat, here’s a look at the history (just 1 year) of Tech65 design changing with the times.

Tech65 version 2

Version 2: This was a complete rebboot of the website. New database new everything. That’s when I realised I forgot to make a backup of Version 1. I worked with Zia Zek to design the website along with its colour scheme.

Tech65 version 2.5
Version 2.5: This design was a temporary solution I came up with to put both Channel65 and 65Bits on the top after we began doing video. It’s quite an awkward design, I know, but it works. I love that iPod photo though, and I’ll probably put it somewhere in the new site.

Tech65 version 3a
Version 3A: This was another complete redesign I came up with. The goal was to create a site that would be expandable should there be new shows we come up with. Version 2 could only have Channel65 and 65bits, but this version was sorta modular. I could add a new block for a new section should we come up with one in the future. The problem was that this version wasn’t a blog anymore. It looked more like a corporate site. From the homepage, you could only see the latest entry from the different sections.

Tech65 version 3b
Version 3B: We were about to push version 3A out of the sandbox to the actual site when we realised that the site put Channel65, which wasn’t updated as often as 65bits, on the top. In fact, on a small screen, you won’t be able to see 65bits at all until you scroll. Also, I realised the fact that it wasn’t a blog anymore made the site uninteresting. So this version is like a cross between Version 3A and 2.5. Videos on one side, podcasts on the other, while still being able to be modular, i.e. future proof.

Please give me feedback on Version 3B!


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