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    It means "thanks giving" in Greek. When broken up, it's Eu (good) + Charis (grace). That's Good, Undeserved, Unmerited Favour of God. That's why there's thanks giving, because of the undeserved unmerited favours in my life made possible by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. That's why life is supernatural.

    My name is Daniel, and I'm the beloved child of God. I'm also a gadget lover called to help people be empowered by technology. I produce and host the shows 65bits and Channel65 with my team at, a website I started for that purpose.

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Tech65: The journey so far

Posted by Daniel T. on September 10, 2007

It’s been a year since the new Tech65 began, and I have to say that it’s been growing at an accelerated pace. I’m really happy with it even though we may not be something big, or may not have hundreds of people watching or listening to our shows. If only you knew how we got to where we are today, you’ll know that we have absolutely no credit in this. Tech65 is really a work of God.

When I was back in Tech-whizz, I lacked many things. The most important thing I lacked then was probably the revelation of Jesus Christ and His finished work. Without that revelation, I always felt that I had to work hard for things to work. It wasn’t so bad though, because ever since I was 12, I have been growing up with “The Secret” thanks to my dad’s job. The guy I worked with felt that way even more strongly about working hard. He even wrote to ComputerTimes (the then digital life) and got them to interview us. Talk about thick skin. He was also very money minded. To him, Tech-whizz was a business opportunity, not a work of passion. Needless to say, by 2004, Tech-whizz faded away into the dark corners of the interwebs, soon eaten up by the vultures of the webs, the domain squatters.

In mid-2004, I finally discovered the truth, the secret behind the secret. That is, the revelation of the finished work, how a perfect man hung himself on a cross so that all of mankind will be set free from the curse of man and the curse of the Law.

At end-2005, that guy I worked with approached me again. Back then I thought that it would probably work out better if I worked with him since he had the cash, yet I knew our beliefs clashed. So I asked God about it and He said “Don’t worry, I can make you succeed regardless of the circumstances“, and thinking the “circumstances” referred to our clashing beliefs, I said yes. That was a misinterpretation I was meant to make. Because during the few weeks I collaborated with him, 2 things happened. God began bringing to me resources by letting me be at the right place at the right time (seriously, I got S$450 from a place I never dream I’ll ever recieve from), and that guy’s greed for money an his true motives for asking me to work with him again began to appear. That’s when it hit me. God had meant that even I had no money, he could make me succeed. I didn’t have to rely on that guy just because he had the money! That was an awesome revelation! I told that guy enough was enough, and started Tech65. How’s that for a miracle?

Because of the fact that it was God who made it even possible for Tech65 to even exist, that’s how I’ve run the site all along, with a rest knowing that it’s not my works but His that will make this big. I never actively promoted the site, or went out to look for people to sponsor the site.

At the end of 2006, Tech65 began to grow at an accelerated pace. Jerrick came back from China to serve NS, and back at Tech-whizz, he was the only guy who had the same genuine passion for tech as me. So I asked him to join me at Tech65. I remember that the decision to do a podcast was made only within a few days, and our main reason for doing so was simply that I got tired of writing, and we didn’t have the time to do writing. What’s more, we loved to talk about tech! So why not?

Since then, there have been so many amazing things happening with the show. For example, there was once, our schedules clashed badly one weekend, so we tried to do our show on skype. Skype failed us badly (and I now know that was intervention from God because skype has never failed us since) so we were forced to go outdoors to do our show. Apparently, that gave NTT the opportunity to join our show after he found us on Google. That is another miracle. I think NTT was another great gift to us. Ever since then, Tech65 really grew thanks to the community that we would otherwise have never known existed.

It was this song that made me wanna write this today:
“Jesus, your Grace has raised me up,
Jesus, your truth has set me free…”
– Living Word

Thank You, Jesus. That chorus really describes what I’ve been through in the past 3 years. Without Him, we won’t be able to do what we can do today. Life can be supernatural, do you believe it?

And this is just the beginning… I know no matter which direction Tech65 goes in the future, it will be good. Amen.

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