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My next mobile computer – The HTC Shift

Posted by Daniel T. on August 18, 2007

Now that I’ve settled my desktop (I just got my brand new iMac last night), it’s time to think about my next mobile computer for university use (I’ve got 2 years to save up). Guess what, I found it: the HTC Shift. It’s a UMPC and PocketPC in one!

HTC Shift

This has got to be the most beautiful mobile computer I’ve seen, and is definitely worthy of becoming my Tablet PC’s successor. This machine can actually run Windows Vista AND Pocket PC at the same time! It has all the wireless tech I need, including HSDPA, and a great keyboard too. It’s gonna be available for US$1499 (not too bad a price too).

I’m gonna be talking about this on the next episode of 65 bits this Saturday at 9am at Geek Terminal. In the meantime, anyone wanna sponsor me? 😀


One Response to “My next mobile computer – The HTC Shift”

  1. marcos bila said

    I am flying with Htc x7510 pocket pc, I wish to get this one.

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